About Us

Who is RockMohr?

RockMohr is an independent geomechanics consultancy founded by Lynne Harrower.  Lynne is a Geomechanics Engineer with 25 years industry experience, specialising in sanding prediction, wellbore stability analysis, sand control design and core analysis project management. Proficiency in pore pressure prediction and stress modelling, including operational and relative time pore pressure & hole stability monitoring and prediction.

Experienced training provider, having taught both international training courses and on the Aberdeen University MSc Petrophysics degree course.

Global experience with projects completed in locations including: UK North Sea, Norwegian North Sea, Europe, Greenland, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, West Africa, Latin America, Australia, Malaysia & Pakistan.

Meet the Team

RockMohr has a collaborative working relationship with both Pelican Rocks and Mercat Energy. It is important to not only like what you do, but like the people you work with!

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Lynne Harrower

Founder & Director

Pelican Rocks

Pelican Rocks


Mercat Energy

Mercat Energy